Press Releases


24.02.16Large users plan to help keep lights on and costs down
MEUC and EIUG join forces to encourage demand response to help National Grid balance the system at least cost to consumers, with events for large energy users in London on 16th March and Manchester on 22nd March
10.06.14National Grid invitation to tender for Demand Side Balancing Reserve
EIUG says National Grid is right to secure additional demand response and industry will do what it can to help balance the system, but this would not be necessary with timely investment in secure nuclear and gas-fired power stations.
19.03.14Budget Reduces Pressure on Energy Intensive Industry
EIUG welcomes announcement of compensation for renewable subsidy costs and cap on carbon price support, while noting UK electricity prices will continue to be inflated by a carbon price four times as expensive than in the rest of Europe.
29.03.11UK Carbon Price Plans will Undermine Industrial Growth
Industrial energy users warn that UK plans to act unilaterally in taxing carbon emissions from power generation will render UK electricity supplies increasingly uncompetitive.
27.07.10Climate Change Policies threaten the Future of the Energy Intensive Sector
Report for EIUG and TUC by Waters Wye associates warns of massive unilateral increases in UK energy and carbon costs that could see some energy intensive industries leaving the UK for good.
19.09.07Industry urges Rapid Implementation of third EU Energy Package
EIUG calls for a sense of urgency in implementing the energy market reforms proposed by the European Commission.
10.01.07Industry backs Commission on Energy Market Reforms
EIUG welcomes announcements from the European Commission, but warns of the need for rapid action to complete the single energy market.
15.05.06Industry demands Action to Secure Gas Supplies next Winter
The Energy Intensive Users Group is demanding urgent action to prevent gas supplies running out this winter.
03.05.06Statement on Ofgem Decision to approve Uniform Network Code Modification 006
EIUG welcomes move that will improve transparency and efficiency of the gas market.
05.10.04Ofgem Report Fails to Explain Uncompetitive UK Gas Prices
Ofgem has failed to explain why half of the recent surge in UK gas prices has occurred.
28.05.04Ofgem Gas Probe leaves Key Questions Unanswered
EIUG says DTI, Ofgem and the FSA must combine forces to sort out the UK gas market, where high prices are threatening manufacturing competitiveness.
06.05.04Emissions Plan leaves UK Isolated
EIUG expresses dismay at proposals for swingeing CO2 cuts that leave the UK fundamentally out of line with our European competitors.
19.01.04Government Emissions Plan will Backfire
EIUG reacts with incredulity at government proposal to cap emissions beyond Kyoto commitments.
EIUG welcomes Ofgem Probe into 80% Rise in Gas Prices
EIUG hopes Ofgem can show market is operating satisfactorily or take action if not.
26.03.03UK Industry Celebrates NETA’s Second Birthday
Evidence shows NETA's sponsors can be pleased with their reforms and the competitive electricity prices that have resulted.
26.02.03EIUG says keep Competitiveness at Heart of Energy Policy
EIUG expresses concern that rising prices outlined in the Energy White Paper could damage industrial competitiveness.
15.05.02EIUG Calls for OFT to Investigate Gas Market
EIUG members have been hit hard by high gas prices over the last two years. The reasons for the high prices have still not been fully explained.
26.03.02Statement on NETA's First Birthday
EIUG was in the vanguard of those calling for reform of the electricity pool, which facilitated exploitation of market power by a handful of generators resulting in unnecessarily high prices to customers.
31.08.01NETA – Ofgem's encouraging Verdict on the New Market
EIUG welcomes the publication of Ofgem's reports on the new electricity trading arrangements (NETA) which went live in March 2001.
28.03.01EIUG calls for Major Investigation into UK Gas Market
EIUG has renewed its call for the regulatory authorities to initiate a formal, comprehensive investigation into the UK gas market.
31.01.01New Energy Minister hints at Action on Gas Prices
Members of the EIUG met this morning with new Energy Minister, Peter Hain, to press the case for a formal investigation into cripplingly high gas prices.
16.01.01Gas Market Price Spikes - Market or Manipulation?
In the wake of dramatic price spikes in the wholesale gas market yesterday, EIUG reiterated its demand for an investigation into market manipulation.
22.12.00Soaring Gas Prices Already Hitting Industry
EIUG welcomes Ofgem's belated call today for action on Gas prices.
11.12.00Competition Commission Rejection of Market Abuse Licence Condition
EIUG's Reaction.
11.10.00What happened to Gas Competition?
EIUG demands reform of the UK gas market.