Position Papers


13.12.17Position on the implications of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit for Energy Security and Pricing
EIUG calls for transparent risk assessment and ongoing cooperation to ensure continuity and efficiency of UK/EU energy trade whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations
25.04.17Position on post Brexit priorities (v2.0)
EIUG calls for retention of non-discriminatory, tariff free access to EU gas and electricity markets, and an integrated approach to UK industrial strategy, climate and energy policy.
25.09.15Position on Energy from Biomass and Waste
EIUG argues biomass and waste energy policies should recognise potential impacts on availability and cost of materials for industrial users
04.09.12EIUG Long Term Strategy
Key needs relating to competitively priced industrial energy supplies, and engagement with stakeholders
13.03.07Position on EU 2020 Targets for 2020
EIUG expresses scepticism about the practicality of the EU emission targets but reserves judgement until the extent of the burden to be imposed on the UK and its energy intensive industries is clarified
22.12.05Security of Gas Supplies
EIUG argues for compensation for risk of interruption in the event of an emergency, and transitional regulatory arrangements until EU markets are liberalised to ensure security of supply
18.11.05Market Consolidation
Comments on potential mergers between major players in UK electricity market
01.06.04Statement on Responsibility for Security of Energy Supplies
Comments on a proposed duty on the Secretary of State to ensure security of supply.
15.01.04Electricity Transmission Charging
Comments on grid charging issues, including peak charging, losses and locational signals.
12.11.03Economic Instruments
Comments on incentives to manage energy demand and emissions, including Climate Change Levy, Renewables Obligation and emissions trading.
09.07.03Supplier Objection to Transfers
Comments on reforming 'debt blocking' provisions in industrial gas contracts.
09.07.03Role for Markets v. Regulatory Intervention
Comments in support of market solutions, but also on the limitations to their application in natural monopoly networks.
12.03.03Gas Exit Capacity Reform
An alternative to Ofgem's proposals for reform of the interruptible gas regime