Statement on Ofgem Decision to Approve
Uniform Network Code Modification 006

Press statement issued Tuesday 3 May 2006 – 16:00

EIUG welcomes Ofgem’s decision to accept Uniform Network Code Modification 006, which requires that all market participants – not just producers – should have access to timely information on gas sub-terminal flows. The Modification was proposed by energywatch following representation by the EIUG and other consumer groups, as well as independent participants in the market. Gas producers had lobbied hard against the move, threatening to withdraw from a voluntary agreement with DTI to provide essential market information.

Commenting on today’s news, EIUG’s Director Jeremy Nicholson said: “This is a good outcome for consumers. Recent events have confirmed that the gas market is reliant on timely and equitable access to information to ensure security of supply. This is an important step towards greater market efficiency and a good example for less transparent European markets to follow.”