​Welcome to EIUG

EIUG is a single-issue lobby group which campaigns for secure industrial energy supplies at internationally competitive prices. Its members are trade associations and customer groups representing energy-intensive industrial sectors that share a common interest in energy matters. It is involved with representing their interests in dealings with market regulators, competition authorities, government departments and the business press. It has campaigned and lobbied on industrial energy consumer issues for more than fifteen years.

EIUG has played a key role in:

  • Pressing for liberalisation of the UK's gas and electricity markets.

  • Making the case for replacing the electricity pool and introducing the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA).

  • Lobbying for discounts under the Climate Change Levy for energy-intensive sectors which undertake to improve energy efficiency.

  • Providing industrial input into the Government's long-term Energy Policy Review.

  • Achieving investigations into gas prices and improvements in market efficiency.

EIUG is the UK member of IFIEC, the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, based in Brussels. IFIEC represents industrial consumer interests on environmental energy issues at an international level, and is the key consumer voice pressing for the creation of a single, liberalised energy markets in Europe.